Congratulations on your engagement! How can we help? 

We know you’re excited about your wedding — and that you may have loads of questions! Your parish Church and priest are here to help.  Below are some of the basic things you might want to know.  As a first point of personal contact, feel free to ring 01291 641 449 or email on . Or, to get your booking started, please scroll down to the booking link below.  

What should I expect when booking a date? 

When you ring or fill in the form below, we’ll check the parish diary and confirm date for your wedding. For legal reasons, we normally need to book a wedding at least one full month in advance — although, in special cases, we may be able to make emergency provisions at short notice. If you have any questions that we can deal with by phone, please do not hesitate to ring.  Or, if you would find it helpful to have a face to face chat, please ask; we’ll be most happy to book an appointment. 

Who can get married here? 

It is a legal requirement that couples marrying in Church should have a qualifying connection to the parish Church. This will typically mean that one of the partners meets one of the following conditions: 

  • you live in the parish;
  • you worship in the Church and have joined the electoral roll; 
  • you were baptised in the parish;
  • you were confirmed in the parish;
  • your parents or grandparents were married in the Church; 
  • you or a parent formerly lived in the parish for six months; 
  • you or a parent formerly attended worship for six months.

If you are concerned about meeting one of these conditions, please ring and speak to us. 

What about divorce?

In these parishes, divorce or disillusion of a civil partnership is not a bar to a Church wedding. Please do not hesitate to ring us to discuss your wedding. Before your wedding can proceed, however, the parish priest must see your decree(s) absolute. 

What if one of us is a foreign national? 

This is perfectly fine. But there may be special legal conditions or procedures. Please enquire when booking the wedding. 

Can you bless a marriage conducted abroad? In a registry office? Can you bless our marriage at a significant anniversary? 

Yes! By all means, be in touch. We will be happy to work out a service of blessing and thanksgiving for your marriage that is appropriate to your needs. 

Can we be involved in planning the service?

Yes, of course. We would be pleased to discuss any aspect of the service you’re wondering about. We use the Church in Wales marriage service, which has various options and which you can find here. We also recommend you look up the Church of England’s wedding information website, Your Church Wedding, which is filled with resources, including readings, prayers, and hymns with tunes. 

We’ve heard that some priests give photographers a rough time. Do you? 

No, not at all! We are most happy to welcome photographers to the Church and to help them find the place where they’ll get the best shots. If your photographer is available for the rehearsal, please feel free to invite him/her along. Otherwise, have him/her speak with your officiating priest before the service. Photographers whom we know well and have worked closely with include Andrew Miller Photography in Llanvair Discoed and Wye Valley Studios in Caldicot. 

What about fees and legalities and all the small print? 

Fees: the standard Church wedding fees are set annually by the Welsh Governement. In addition, our fees cover the organist and a verger (someone to prepare the Church for the service). Fees vary from year to year, but are currently in the range of £600. 

Legalities: Most Church weddings require banns to be called beforehand. Calling the banns is a legal procedure in which your intention to marry is announced in the main parish service for three weeks running. (If one or both of you is not resident in the parish, you will need to have banns called in your own parish Church as well.) During this period, people are given the opportunity to put forward any reason why the marriage may not lawfully take place. (Don’t worry; I’ve never had an objection yet!) We normally call the banns during the first three weeks of the month before the wedding. (Thus, for example, banns for a July wedding would be called the first three weeks in June.) There is no legal requirement for a couple to be present; but many families do enjoy coming along to hear the banns read. We can certainly assure you of a warm welcome from the people of the parish. 

Under certain circumstances — most often the marriage of a foreign national or a wedding that, for some reason, must be conducted quickly — we would require marriage by common licence, rather than banns. Obtaining a licence is a fairly straightforward process by which you demonstrate you identity to a Church official. If you have a query, Father Will will be happy to assist. 

If you have no qualifying connection to the parish, as described above, but still believe you have a strong reason to be married in the parish, please make contact and we can investigate whether an Archbishop’s special licence from the Archbishop of Canterbury would be appropriate for your circumstances.

I’d like to book a wedding, please.  Great! Please click below to get your enquiry started …  

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