The Churches of the Wentwood Ministry Area are all local village Churches, with a community ethos.  

Children and family work:  

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To welcome children and families, the Wentwood Group has on its schedule several family services on various Sundays throughout the month.  That said, families are always just as welcome to our more generalised worship.  Most of us are parents or grandparents, and we are quite accustomed to young voices in the service.  Several of our Churches have child-friendly areas with toys or books, and most of our Churches have toilet and changing facilities (some under development) either in the Church or nearby.  

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We also offer several annual events, through which you and your young people might enjoy meeting us:  the parish barbeque, cross-village treasure hunts, Caerwent's Saints & Sausages Hallowe’en party, and Christingle and Nativity services, an annual skittles evening in Llandevaud that all the family can enjoy, and a service of blessing for your pets in Llanvair Discoed — to name a few. 

Caerwent Village Lunch 

Once a month, several of our parishioners gather with friends from Caerwent and neighbouring villages — not all of them churchgoers — for a very affordable lunch at the Coach and Horses pub.  For £5.50, we get a roast dinner with pudding, and for free we get added comeraderie, friendship, and a bit of laughter.  Village Lunch happens on the 3rd Wednesday of a month, at 12 noon for 12.30.  For further information, please contact Mrs. Patsy Lewis on 01291 420 602.  

Home Visiting & Home Communion 

From the Church’s earliest days, one of our key roles has been to help care for those in the community who are ill, or struggling, or bereaved, or lonely.  In these parishes, we have several volunteers, both lay and clergy, who regularly visit people in their homes.  If you or someone you know would like a visit from one of our clergy or church members, please let us know.  We are happy to provide home communion to those who wish it, or simply to pay a friendly call for those who would find that preferable. 

Food Banks

The need for food banks in a nation as prosperous as ours is shameful, and even more shameful is the tendency of too many people to treat poverty as the result of moral failings on the part of the poor.  In these parishes, we support the Caldicot Food Bank and the Raven House Trust in Newport through which it is administered.  Caerwent Church serves as a collection point, amongst others in our area, and we are grateful for your contributions.  From time to time the Food Bank or Raven House will issue requests for specific items or categories, or for seasonal items.  We will post these requests on our Twitter feed and our Facebook and Google+ pages. 

Christians Against Poverty

Christians Against Poverty — an organisation helping people to escape the cycle of debt — is beginning operations in the Chepstow and Caldicot Areas.  Our extended Church community is involved in this.  For further information, please contact the Rev’d John Waters.  

Local Schools 

Although we have no schools directly within our parish boundaries, we have warm relationships with several schools whose catchments cover our villages.   

Mothers’ Union 


The Mothers’ Union, as their slogan implies — “Christian care for families” — is an international membership organisation that offers support and aid throughout the world, in order to support family units as a core source of stability, love, and grace in our society.  Although, traditionally, the MU’s membership has been primarily female, men are also welcome to join and get involved.  Projects the MU supports and maintains include parenting support, marriage preparation, literacy programmes & community development, outreach to parents in prison & hospital, support of orphans, relief work, and campaigning on social awareness issues such as hunger, employment rights & benefits for parents, and female genital mutilation.  For further information, please contact Mrs. Rosemary Carey on 01291 425 010.  

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